Can you hook up 2 subwoofers to a mono amp

You can find a subwoofer’s impedance marked on the back of the magnet impedance is defined as the amount of electrical resistance the subwoofer holds against an amplifier’s output things may get complicated when you wire dual voice coils and more than one subwoofer together. How to bridge subwoofers three methods: preparing to wire your subs to a bridged amp wiring single voice coil subs to a bridged amp wiring dual voice coil subs to a bridged amp community q&a the term bridging sub-woofers is a bit misleading. Can i hook up two subs to a mono channel amp the rms wattage on the subs is 175watts, and the amp is an alpine with the following: rms continuous power @ 4 ohm (1% thd): 220wx1. Can i hook up this mono channel amp to 2 subs if you have the dvc 2 ohm subwoofers you can wire the subs for a 2 ohm mono loadyou will need to set .

How to connect subwoofers of course i mean feed the power amplifier you're using to drive that subwoofer to connect a mono subwoofer if all you have is one . How to parallel wire 2 subwoofers onto a mono amp or one channel why does my mono subwoofer amp have 2 sets of speaker terminals - duration: how to hook up 2 amplifiers or more . Using a subwoofer wiring diagram will ensure that the impedance between the subwoofer and amplifier match then you can make sure that the rms power handling is in line failure to properly match impedances and power handling recommendations can void warranties and potentially damage the audio equipment.

If you have a passive sub or your amplifier lacks a sub out jack, you can connect the amplifier and subwoofer like you'd connect two speakers use the main (left and right) speaker output terminals on the amplifier and connect to the subwoofer's speaker inputs. Subwoofers are used in most home theater systems, but subs can also radically improve the sound of stereo systems -- and not just the ones with small speakers subs can provide a foundation to the sound that few speakers can muster on their own so adding a sub is not just about adding more and deeper bass rather, a properly integrated subwoofer can improve the overall sound of the system. How to hook up 2 amps for 2 subs planet audio amp bb24001 3000w mono d 2400 rms amp you hook up 2 amps and 2 subs the same way you would hook up 1 amp and . Two common car amplifier power mistakes mean it’s the right amp to power two subwoofers that have a power handling of 500 watts each as you can see, an . Hey guys i have a question regarding hooking up 2 subs to a mono block amp, ill try to explain the best i can but it confueses me recently i hooked up a friends amp that was a mono block with 2 inputs for speaker wires (2 + and 2-) he had 2 4 ohm dvc subsi followed the 12 volt subwoofer wiring .

There is less resistance to the current, and the speakers can draw more power from the amp drawing more power than the amplifier was designed for will damage the amp every amplifier is designed to handle a certain load. You can hook up 20 subs to a mono amp but you have to configure the speakers by impedance/ohms if you hook two 2 ohm speakers to a 4 ohm steady amp in parallel you will soon buy a new amp if you hook 10 speakers in series you will not even get it warm each speaker will also divide the available wattage and will not have a lot of power. Header » support » tutorials » wiring dual voice coil (dvc) subwoofer driversfind information on wiring dual voice coil subs and other wiring information at the official jl audio site. There are three obvious methods that you appear to have identified to connect the two speakers to your amp 1) each speaker connected to one side of the amp normally 2) both speakers connected to one side of the amp. I'm pretty sure my subs were still running at 2 ohms but they were hooked up the wrong way this is the right way to hook 2 4 ohm subwoofers up @ 2 ohms.

Can you hook up 2 subwoofers to a mono amp

To wire two subwoofers to a mono amplifier, you need only know how to cut wire, use very simple tools and follow basic instructions cut two lengths of speaker wire the first should be long enough to reach from the amplifier to the first subwoofer, and the second long enough to reach from the first subwoofer to the second. If you need to connect just 2 pair of speakers to a hifi stereo amplifier (that is, 2 speakers to 1 amp), see my article on how to connect 2 speakers to 1 amplifier i have had many people over the years tell me it is easy to connect multiple speakers – all you have to do is wire the speakers in series. Connecting a subwoofer to a mono amp that has 2 sets of terminals ok, i have a mono car amp that has 2 sets of - verge vga300m car audio amplifier question. Yes,you can its all in how you wire it upjust make sure the 2nd sub is the same as the 1st and look at the specs for the ampmost mono amps can run at 4 and 2 ohms and some at 1 ohmif you want to know how to wire them up let me know the model # of the amp and subs and ican tell you how to wire them correctly.

  • Well your amp can do 1700 watts at 2 ohms or 1200 watts at 4 ohms you can wire each sub's voice coils in parallel and then wire the subs together in series to get a 2 ohm load to your amplifier you could also wire each sub's voice coils in series and then wire the subs together in series again to get an 8 ohm load.
  • If you've got a mono amplifier, you've got a great opportunity to really bring on the bass mono amplifiers are especially well-suited to wiring to two subwoofers to wire two subwoofers to a mono amplifier, you need only know how to cut wire, use very simple tools and follow basic instructions cut .
  • 1 from a single dedicated subwoofer out on the amp - one phono lead to the right channel in of the subwoofer 2 two phono leads from a spare pair of line outs the the subwoofer l and r inputs 3 a neutrik speakon lead in parallel to the speaker terminals on the amp to the neutrik speakon socket on the subwoofer.

So from what most of you say you can't hook up 2 amps to each other but i have two power acoustik 1600 watt mono amps that need to be hooked up to 4 10 inch 800 watt subs, is it better to run them together as one or seperate bridged at 4 ohms. The following diagrams are the most popular wiring configurations they show a typical single channel wiring scheme check the amplifier's owners manual for minimum impedance the amplifier will handle before hooking up the speakers remember: 4 ohm mono is equivalent to 2 ohm stereo. Amp (+) to sub (+) step 2 connect 12-gauge speaker wire from the positive (+) speaker output on the slave amp to the negative terminal on the subwoofer (-) amp (+) to sub (-) step 25 please re-read step 2 this is the part everyone gets wrong step 3. Danny, you wire two dvc 4-ohm subs to an amp that can handle a 1-ohm load like this, if you want to utilize the amp's dual-terminal set-up, you can disconnect the positive and negative leads of sub 2 (in the diagram) from sub 1 and connect them to the positive and negative terminals of the amp.

Can you hook up 2 subwoofers to a mono amp
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